Korean Bundle Box

What makes our bundle boxes special?

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Carefully curated for your delight, choose from our variety packs and have them delivered to your door. Have a movie night at home, while munching and reminiscing on Korean movie theater snacks. Try our Korean barbecue meals with your friends, or prepare a week of homemade bentos! Save on our bundles, and gift to your friends and family!

Curated Bundle Box
K-Movie Bundle Box
A package that will take you to the Korean Movie Theatre.
K-BBQ Bundle Box
Celebrate with people by preparing an easy K-BBQ dinner.
Birthday Bundle Box
Send Birthday wishes with this delicious Korean meal set.
Bento Bundle Box
Healthy and cost saving! Make your own bentos for the week.
Meal Kit Bundle Box
Affordable delicious meals you can make in under 10 minutes.

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