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RocketCart Clients

The following RocketCart installations are organized market or business type. The RocketCart version used in each installation is indicated in parenthesis.

Specialty Manufacturers

Oceanic Worldwide (Standard)
The leading developer and manufacturer of underwater instruments and devices.
San Leandro, CA

Thematics (Standard)
Healthcare interior furnishings and accessorized themes for healthcare.
Boise, ID

Public Interest/Nonprofits | top |

Basque Museum & Cultural Center
The only museum dedicated to the Basque culture, history and experience in North America. Boise, ID

Oinkari Basque Dancers (Standard)
One of the premier folk dance troupes in North America, the Oinkari carry on the traditional dance culture from the Basque Country. Boise, ID

The Peregrine Fund (Pro)
The Peregrine Fund works nationally and internationally, to conserve birds of prey in nature. Boise, ID

Ten Thousand Villages Idaho (Standard)
World free trade specialty retailer.
Boise, ID

Armored carrier industry portal with customized capabilities for handling subscribers and suppliers.
El Paso, TX

Specialty Retailers

Idaho River Sports (Standard)
One of the best known white water specialty companies in the United States.
Boise, ID

Aliah's Closet (Pro/SQL)
Specialty clothing including cabaret and belly dancing costumes.
Berkley, MA

Alliance Water Garden (Standard)
Water gardening supplies and gear, waterfall and pond kits galore.
Prunedale, CA

Wobblenaught (Pro)
The famous cycling and mountain bike fitting system and bike acessories pioneer.
Boise, ID

Fairy Tale Wedding (Standard)
Wedding accessories for the complete wedding experience. San Jose, CA

Biblical Worldview (Standard)
Books, tapes and training materials for Christian life. Boise, Idaho

Coffee Right Design (Pro/Access)
Creative greeting cards composed of natural and eclectic materials and photography. Boise, ID

DirectPOS (Pro/SQL)
Point-of-sale equipment and services.
Boise, ID

Ahizpak Art (Pro)
Artwork in many forms created by two talented women who also happen to be sisters. Ahizpak is "sisters" in Basque! Boise, ID

Sierra Ranch Supply (Standard)
SRS manufactures and distributes equine health products.Twin Falls, ID

Flynn's Saddle Shop (Pro SQL)
Flynn's Saddle Shop has been serving the equestrian community since 1958.
Boise, ID

DeepCuda (Standard)
Dealer clothing sales
Phoenix, AZ


RocketCart Testimonials

Customer Comments

"Thank you so much! It is amazing how easy this program is to use!"
-- Boise, Idaho

"When I saw how my site looked and how it would work, it brought tears to my eyes."
-- Portland, Oregon

"The RocketCart system is a great foundation for my new web business application."
-- Seattle, Washington

"The people at RocketCart are attentive, knowledgeable and full of integrity. They answered all of my questions quickly. I am a satisfied user of RocketCart Software."
-- Bellevue, Washington

"RocketCart gave us the flexibility to serve our dealers and customers from one application." -- Florida

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