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RocketCart Partner Program

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RocketCart is a revolutionary online shopping tool, and so is our approach to working with our partners. Our objective is to give developers, designers and consultants greater flexibility and a way to give their clients the total portability and freedom that is built into RocketCart.

If you agree with us that "the ultimate objective of any online retail environment is to produce the best user experience possible", then you will agree that RocketCart is the right product for clients that want a higher level of performance and confidence for their online retail business.

We believe there are no "formula" or template-based web sites that can universally meet a client's needs and reflect their unique cultures and selling propositions. The most successful sites are designed by professionals like you, with a specific audience in mind, and work hard to deliver on user expectations.

It is apparent from recent studies as many as 1.2 million retail sites could benefit from our technology and services. Most use old shopping carts written in CGI, or use some of the "leading" providers applications that are typically very slow, hard to maintain, or married to a shopping engine. Others are using simple forms that aren't secure and are difficult for users to use.

For more information on our RocketCart Partner Programs and services, email and we will send you complete information on the program.

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RocketCart Opportunites

Watch this space for new business opportunities with RocketCart and RocketCart's many vendors, partners and collaborators. If you want to get rockin' with RocketCart today click here to apply to become a RocketCart Partner.

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