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RocketCart Partner Agreement

Support Boundaries
RocketCart Partners are divided into two tiers based upon the amount of techical support they can provide for their clients when installing RocketCart. Additional support is provided on a contract basis. RocketCart's support policy is based on the customer's contract status. If they have a maintenance agreement their support is billed in quarter-hour increments at 48.00USD per hour for tier one technical support and 58.00USD per hour for tier two support. If the customer does not have a maintenance agreement in place the cost for tier one support is 54.00USD per hour and tier two is charged at 64.00USD per hour.

Off contract support is also billed differently. We charge a one-hour minimum per issue with subsequent time billed on a quarter hour basis until the issue is closed. We provide bug-fixes for the currently released version of RocketCart at no cost. If the issue is hosting, ISP, or related to a problem with Microsoft operating systems or applications like ODBC, IIS, Access or SQL Server, we will provide advisory information and allow each of our clients and customers to determine their course of action with their developer, network administrator or hosting firm. If hosting is purchased through RocketCart we will support all tier one applications like email, listservers, FTP, etc. at no cost. Application support for RocketCart will be under contract as described above.

Pricing and Customer Policies
The RocketCart Partner program and pricing policies are subject to change without notice. RocketCart does not sell our applications or services directly. We don't publish prices for services or software.

All RocketCart customers are the customers of RocketCart and our partners and are entitled to recieve support from RocketCart if, for any reason, they don't want to work with the partner that supplied them with RocketCart or other services. We will not release information about RocketCart installations or partner clients without permission of the partner and the customer.

Partner Termination
In the event a partner ceases operations or terminates their agreement with RocketCart, we will be free to continue our relationship with the customer. When a partner terminates their agreement with RocketCart or vice versa, all rights to data, software, materials or other tools that were supplied by or created by RocketCart, or RocketCart partners and principles will be returned and are not to be used in any capacity by the partner.

All accounts are billed for services in advance and all other services or products will be billed with terms indicating that the amount is due upon receipt. Any and all accounts will begin to acrue late charges at a rate of 1.75% per month when any account has not been paid in full within 15 days of the invoice date.

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