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RocketCart Version History

RC Product Development

Version 2.00 (Released 3/21/03)

  • Management center visual upgrade
  • Order discount feature
  • Improved data input filters
  • Improved Standard RocketCart shipping with new Shipping Zones and enhanced range input tools
  • New supplier and carrier-based automatic shipping rates available with optional IISCartShip component purchase
  • Improved category management and rendering speed
  • Order process upgrade: process orders and credit card numbers in bulk and suspend individual orders
  • Order archive feature
  • Sales reports now available
  • Customer newsletter feature with customizable customer fields
  • Easily choose number of columns for product display in catalog
  • Improved HTML catalog rendering with image pre-sizing image size constraints
  • Database upgrades - faster and more efficient

Version 1.61 (Released 10/12/02)

  • Fixed a bug that caused disabled credit cards to show up in Access-run databases
  • Added an auto-number field to Customer Records
  • Added some interface additions to the management tool which remember the category.
  • Copy last used variation.

Version 1.6 (Released 9/26/02)

  • Added department function.
  • Select shipping step in checkout is now skipped if there is only one option.
  • On shared SSL servers, the insecure cart contents are now deleted after order.

Version 1.5 (Released 9/12/02)

  • Added Customer Records functionality (including customer status: pending, active).
  • Improved country selection and backend management
  • Improved credit card selection, backend management, and authentication.
  • Added friendly shipping class names.
  • Added registry options.
  • Added additional category options (require login, hide base price, show file instead of products).
  • Cleaned code and fixed image delete problem.

Version 1.0 (Released 4/12/02)

This was the first release of the RocketCart Shopping System after 4 months of research and development. The first clients are still using RocketCart and have been among our staunchest supporters.

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