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Why RocketCart?

Dave Green

When you do a side-by-side comparison of features pitting RocketCart against the other "shopping carts" on the market, you may decide there is little difference. We encourage you to "get under the hood" and take a look at what makes RocketCart work.

Take a tour through Eclectic Mercantile and login to the RocketCart Management Center (click here) and notice the usability, clean navigation and design, plentiful help files, the responsiveness, and the many choices which allow you to tailor the system to meet your needs today and in the future.

Our "Unique Selling Proposition"

1. RocketCart is sold and supported by web design professionals NOT an Internet Services Provider. ISP's aren't web designers or online retail professionals.

2. You are buying RocketCart rather than renting it. MIVA, Shopsite and many of the other "leading" ISP-based applications are rented. If you decide to move because of poor hosting service or when you want to self-host, you are forced have to stay with them or loose your investment in the data, design and other work you will have put into establishing your online business.

3. RocketCart is expandable. Because RocketCart uses readily available .asp coding and runs on Microsoft Access and SQL Server, you can customize and add to your RocketCart Shopping System easily. RocketCart Partners have added functions like job and resume processing, supplier and manufacturer directories, wholesale and other applications into RocketCart with very little time or difficulty.

4. You can spread the cost of ownership out for up to a year. We provide all of our RocketCart Partners with the option to prorate the cost of RocketCart licenses for up to a year.

5. You get exactly what is needed instead of something less or more. RocketCart and your RocketCart partner will make sure you only get the supporting applications and capabilities you need. Digital certificates (SSL), payment gateways and merchant accounts are key elements of a professional, responsible online retail site. We work with leaders like Versign, GeoTrust and Cardservices International to make sure you have access to solid products from solid companies.

6. You get the support and advice you need. RocketCart provides multiple levels of support to and through RocketCart Partners so that you get the support you need, when you need it.

Please feel free to compare RocketCart, the RocketCart Partner program and our service and support policies.

RocketCart Content Library

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