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Online Payment Processing

There are several credit card processing options available that are supported on virtually all Windows hosting environments. The two components needed for processing credit cards are a payment gateway and a merchant account. A payment gateway provides the interface with the credit card companies and handles the transactions. The interface can be realtime and notifies you and your customers if a credit card is accepted or declined. RocketCart can process cards using gateways in several ways including sale, authorize and suspended transactions.

RocketCart supports a variety of leading payment gateways and digital certificates; we feel every retailer should have options and you should discuss them thoroughly with your RocketCart Partner. Ask them for details about these technologies and how you want them to work using RocketCart.

Gateway vendors package their services in different ways and may create an opportunity to lower costs depending the payment services already in place. As an example, if you already have a merchant account, the two components you will need are a digital certificate (SSL) and a gateway. If you don't have your merchant account you can get a package including the gateway and merchant account from Gateways are also available from PayPal PayFlow Pro, LinkPoint and several others already supported by RocketCart. Certificates are available from Comodo, GeoTrust, Verisign and other vendors. Check with your RocketCart Partner about your hosting service to see what they offer.

Verisign, GeoTrust, Comodo and other options are available from RocketCart or through your RocketCart Partner.

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